My dog will be brave

On Wednesday, my doggie Izzie will be having some surgery.  See, she was born with some bad teeth.  Two of her big canine teeth didn’t even come down out of her jaw bone.  A few weeks ago, we noticed she was acting funny.  It turned out she had an ear infection in each ear, and an infection in her sinus area from her impacted tooth.  The regular vet planned to do the extraction, but once they had her under, they weren’t comfortable doing it.  Turns out, she has double canines, so two teeth where one should be!  So, on Wednesday, she’s going to a special animal dentist for surgery.  They’ll remove the two (on each side!) canine teeth that are up in her jaw bone on the top left and top right.  They may have to do a bone graft.  They’ll also be giving her the people equivalent of sealants on all her remaining teeth since her enamel is not great.  She’s such a brave, wonderful dog.  I wish she could understand when I tell her this will make her feel better, and that we promise we’ll be back to get her later in the day and will take such good care of her once we get her home.  It’s amazing how much joy animals can bring to our lives.

Picture 4

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1 Response to My dog will be brave

  1. colleen says:

    Good Luck Izzy! And be sure they give you good doggie drugs after!

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