Safe and Sound

Picture 13

Izzie is home from her second surgery and everything was a success.  They took out the stitches from the first surgery, took out more teeth, did a few more small bone grafts, and put sealants on her remaining teeth.  Her food regimen will be the same as the first surgery, blended wet dog food for 30 days.  She’ll also wear the collar for 30 more days.  But, come November 23, Izzie will finally be free of her e-collar.  She’ll be eating wet dog food, but not blended, or dry dog food soaked in water, for 30 more days.  Then, for Christmas, Izzie will get her first bowl of dry dog food in over 3 months!  She will no longer be able to eat sticks, or have hard dog toys such as rawhide bones because they could pop the sealants off of her teeth.  We will need to give her a fluoride treatment once a day for the rest of her life and will also have to brush her teeth twice a day.  Both of those things will be to help make the sealants last as long as possible.  Normal life of sealants is 2-3 years, but can be prolonged to 4 years with the fluoride treatments and the twice daily teeth brushing.  If we miss a few days, it’s no big deal, which is great because I think that is just too much to ask someone to do while dog-sitting!

We’re happy to have her home, and it was not nearly as scary after surgery this time around.  I think last time it was the fear of the unknown.  This time we knew what to expect.  Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.  She’s sad to be missing Fall, but looking forward to spending a week in Florida for Christmas and meeting her cousin Brewster!

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