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Annual Beach Trip

    We’ve made it to Florida every year for the three Christmases since we’ve had little Miss M.  And every year we’ve made it to the beach for a visit!  The first year we just dipped her toes in … Continue reading

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Go Gators

Some old college town friends just moved up to New England and we reunited with them to watch the first Gator game at our house.  Their kids did a great job entertaining M while we cheered on our Gators and … Continue reading

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Girls’ Weekend Away

About two and a half weeks ago or so I finally scratched my persistent travel itch.  Please forget that we went to Florida for over a week for Christmas, that’s irrelevant at this time.  There were two bigs things pulling … Continue reading

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M’s First Zoo Visit

While we were in Florida, we visited my childhood zoo.  It sure has changed!  I didn’t even recognize the place.  I was really looking forward to the petting zoo, which of course has closed because some kids somewhere got sick … Continue reading

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Annual Beach Trip

Seems like we only get Miss M to the beach once a year for an hour or so.  She’ll have such a different childhood than her Florida-born-and-raised parents.  I pictured her running around in the sand and chasing the waves … Continue reading

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Finally a nice kitty!

Miss M finally found a kitty that would take all her lovin’.  Miss Sammi was such a champ, letting M pet her, kiss her, hug her and just generally abuse her.  Luckily, M doesn’t try to pick kitties up just … Continue reading

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Christmas 2011 Recap

We had a nice long vacation to FL to see all of our family for Christmas, but it sure felt like a whirlwind trip!  We caught up with just about everyone and spent lots of quality family time with all … Continue reading

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