What Fall Means to Me

Fall is my favorite season in New England!  But before I get into that, let me provide a little background.  I grew up in Florida, South Florida to be exact, and I think that gives me an even greater appreciation of the seasons.  Just last night when I was freezing my bum off at home (heat was broken, but now fixed) and also this morning as I was checking out the leaves on my way to work, I was thinking, when I was a kid, I really had no idea that anyone lived in a different climate than we have in Florida.  In Florida, we get excited when it gets into the 60’s.  I had never seen snow until I was 15 and my school’s marching band took a trip to Indianapolis for Nationals.  Right now in New England, it’s 52 degrees.  But here’s the forecast for South Florida:

Picture 5

It can be 100 degrees on Christmas Day there!  People run their A/C year-round.  There is no such thing as Fall, let alone Winter, in South Florida.  I had no idea what real seasons were until I moved to New England, and now I am not sure I could ever go back!  I think the best way to express how I feel about fall is to do what I do best, make a list!

What Fall Means to Me

~ Dark Mornings, that is, until the time changes

~ Feeling a chill in the crisp air

~ Getting out the sweaters from storage

~ Florida Gator Football

~ Family visits, this year we are going to FL for a wedding, are having my husband’s family up here for his recital, then we’re driving down to FL

~ Anticipation of the Holiday Season – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (Thanksgiving is my favorite!)

~ Smelling the leaves rotting, hearing them crunch under your feet

~ Hiking, which is even better with the leaf peeping

~ Backyard fires in the fire pit

~ Country drives with no destination

~ Hot Drinks: Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, Tea

~ Baking

~ Crock Pot cooking

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1 Response to What Fall Means to Me

  1. Jen says:

    I love the seasons and can’t imagine that people live without them. It is much easier to bundle up than it is to cool down.

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