Happy Easter!

M had a great first Easter in Florida, even though she missed her Daddy so much!  We decided to give him some space as he prepared for a big, important test.  We had a great long weekend in Florida.  We swam, we sat on the porch and we visited with LOTS of family and a few friends.  She was an absolute angel on the plane both there and back.  She was an excellent sleeper in her temporary room, and even kept her cool when she was up past her bedtime.  It was a wonderful weekend!

M with her cousins

M enjoying the porch

M getting a closer look at Grandpa's beard

M enjoying the pool

Happy Easter!

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1 Response to Happy Easter!

  1. colleen says:

    wow, did you get a new camera? These shots are gorgeous! Dave thinks the last one looks like it’s out of a catalog. I agree. She really is gorgeous.

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