Blog Catch Up :: Summer Pics

Disclaimer: I am WAY behind on blogging. I’m posting this in January 2017, but I am backdating it for Summer 2017. You can read details about this summer here. Here are some pics to go along with our adventures.

5-29-16-s-play-ball 5-29-16-m-cape-cod 7-4-16-s 7-4-16-m-2 07-02-16-evelyn-and-girls-in-tree 7-3-16-ford-family-hammock 7-8-16-papa-john-lions 8-15-16-dad-and-girls-portland-light 07-03-16-family-hike-2 7-11-16-ford-family 7-11-16-white-house-gate 8-27-16-m-photographer 08-08-16-case-mountain-jane 08-14-16-ryan-and-s-crescent-beach-hike 8-27-16-simone-tickles

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