I think I’ve been saying it for the past three summers – but I’m saying it again. This has been the best summer ever. And now that it’s over (boohoo!), I thought I’d do a little wrap up.

We kicked off summer with our first trip to (ever) to the Cape where our Florida family (R’s side) met us up there. We stayed in a silly big house and never wanted to leave. Simone got glasses the day we left for the Cape and she did great!

Just as the school year was wrapping up, we heard that S got into one of the Montessori Magnets and we hoped for an acceptance for M, who was on the waiting list. This finally came a few weeks later and we were able to relax for the summer knowing that the school situation was all figured out.

We were able to make it to NY to visit my cousin Sarah and her growing family. M had a week at Farm Camp where the theme for the week was hiking. We spent the 4th of July in New Hampshire. We took the train and did an extended weekend visit in Washington D.C. with R’s dad up from Florida. M and I spent a night in Providence and went to Waterfire. The girls did four weeks of swimming lessons and M can finally “swim” (tread water and doggie paddle). We celebrated M’s 6th birthday. We had a visit from Grandma Jane.

We took a week of vacation to three towns in Maine plus a top at Great Wolf Lodge for the kids. My aunt and uncle from Florida stayed two nights with us. And finally we finished off the summer with a trip up to New Hampshire to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.

Our garden flourished and we got tons of flowers and tomatoes. We enjoyed our playscape and central air. Oh and S stopped napping!

What an amazing summer!

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