6 :: May – An Update

I am embarrassed by how far behind I’ve gotten on my family’s personal blog. I love being able to look back at this blog and have a record of M’s life, and I want to make sure I do as good of a job for S. I’m going to do my best to catch up and to keep on top of it!

I posted about our Valentine’s Hearts, but I don’t think I mentioned that we went to super fun craft party hosted by my friend Michelle. She held it at our local carousel museum and it was super fun!

2-9-14 Painting Beads

Here’s M concentrating on painting beads.

2-9-14 Carousel 1

Then I took this super cute photo to use in a guest post on my bank’s blog.

2-21-14 S with Piggy Bank


S has got some serious personality. She’s either doing things like this:

3-14 S food on head

3-14 S ponytail

Or she’s biting her sister. We all know that if you hear a certain shriek from either M or S, you need to get over there ASAP because S is about to start biting! More on that at S’s 15 month post – coming soon!

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