18 :: December

These photos are now a few weeks old, but I don’t think I ever posted them. S is doing a few new fun things. She’s dancing to music (she’s actually been doing this a while, but it’s super cute). She’s clapping and she’s even waved a few times. She also seems to be interested in trying to stand up without holding onto something. She’s growing up too fast – seriously! Except for that few week stint around 8-9 months old, she’s continuing to sleep all night. This past weekend she even took a couple of several hour morning naps. That could be her body trying to fight off the illness that’s been around our house – who knows. Whatever it is, it’s great for getting things done around here and getting a little extra special time with M. However, when she gets up from her morning nap at 11am-12pm, the chances of getting them both to sleep at the same time in the afternoon are highly diminished.

11-25-13 S Hair

11-25-13 Sisters

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