First Christmas

Also this weekend, we celebrated our family Christmas. M got some garden tools, an official (small) World Cup soccer ball, a new cup to replace her sippy cups, a cup holder for her carseat, a book about Polar Bears, a heart shaped bowl for her jewelry that she picked out and I painted, a bath toy and a probably few other small things I’m spacing. S got an elephant towel and a few small toys. (We keep it simple because this is the first of several times they’ll open presents this year). M enjoyed “helping” S open her presents. S enjoyed touching everything except her own presents. We had a few inches of snow overnight and it made for a pretty beautiful “Christmas” morning.

12-15-13 Ford Xmas 1

12-15-13 xmas 2

12-15-13 xmas 7

12-15-13 xmas 8

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