Merry Christmas from Daycare

I love seeing what my babies make me at school and daycare for Christmas. M brought home a reindeer candy cane that she was SO proud of and that “you can never, ever, ever eat.” S (almost 11 months old) brought home a beautiful card and an adorable ornament with her thumb print. Of course I know that S didn’t make the card and I think it’s just so sweet that the teachers go above and beyond to send home beautiful things like that. We still have the ornaments with S’s photos from when she went to the same daycare. And look at this photo – it looks professional! Not only did I get the card, they also went so far as to burn us a CD with the digital photo.

We’re so lucky to have found a place that takes such care of our babies, nurturing them and teaching them. This week over at I’m writing about 10 more reasons why I love daycare!


PS – Miss S is 17 1/2 lbs and just about 11 months old. She has her second ear infection – boo.

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