Hair, Biting and Thumb Sucking

S is 10 months old tomorrow! Just wanted to post this photo of her awesome hair. It’s really growing and sticking up a lot like how her older sister’s hair did at this age.

11-24-13 S spike hair

This picture shows her two bottom teeth. She still only has two teeth. It seems like she’s teething all the time and that more teeth are about to come through, but then they don’t. I wonder if they’ll all come in at once. At this age M had six teeth. She’s really starting to get me with those teeth when she’s nursing. And I’m pretty sure she knows exactly what she’s doing. She does it at the same point almost every time lately. I say NO pretty firmly and remove her (not forcefully) and she does this little whining sob every time, like she’s sorry. It’s pretty cute and funny, but it certainly hurts!

11-24-13 S smile

She’s also started sucking her thumb at nap time and bedtime. When she puts her head down on my chest the thumb goes right into her mouth. It’s super cute and seems to be helping her fall asleep. I’ll save the rest (and probably repeat myself) for her ten month photo tomorrow.

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1 Response to Hair, Biting and Thumb Sucking

  1. Betty says:

    I put the mavala stuff on his thumb and he would suck it and then spit out the bad taste!
    So after searching online and found these really cheap gloves that work & they didn’t even charge for shipping. I got him the blue pair, because he loves being Sonic the Hedgehog…
    oh here is the site

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