Working It or Just Making It Work?

Wahoo – I actually posted on my personal blog twice this past week! Today I’m over at CT Working Moms talking about Working It or Making It Work.

It’s Friday at 11am. My office phone rings and I see daycare on the Caller ID. My first thought – Oh crap, I’m going to have to leave work. My second thought – Maybe they haven’t noticed her dripping nose and the green stuff oozing out of her eyes, maybe she just fell and bumped her head. Yeah, that would be better . . . But nope, she’s sick and I already knew that. I sent her anyway, because if I kept her home every time she had a cold, I probably wouldn’t have a job. So I pack up my personal things and the work I’ll do from home once everyone is asleep, call the doctor for an appointment, alert my bosses (do one last thing they ask) and call it a day.

This is one of those situations that makes me really pissed off to be a working mom . . . finish reading here.

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