10 Months Old

S is 10 months old. I can’t believe how fast the time is going by with my second baby. She’ll be a toddler soon. She’s pulling up on things, but not walking holding onto furniture or trying to stand up unaided yet. She’s pretty consistently napping twice a day. She goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps until about 5am or so. It might have taken her a while to start laughing, but this one is a goof now. She loves loves loves watching her sister and M can easily make her crack up. She’s not saying any words, but does say “uh-oh” a lot. Daycare reports that she’s very sweet and loves singing to the other babies. She used to just let M take toys away from her, but now she has an ear piercing screech that she makes anytime she’s not getting her way or something is taken from her. As I said yesterday, she’s experimenting with biting while nursing and she’s starting to suck her thumb as she falls asleep. She’s eating tons of solid food and prefers it to baby food. We try to give her whatever we’re having, but I haven’t been very adventurous so she’s getting a lot of pasta and macaroni and cheese. She’s a real sweetheart and she’s really all about her mama right now.

11-25-13 S 10 months

Here’s her sister M when she was 10 months old – the hair is getting quite similar.

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