Challenging Week



It’s been a challenging week but we’re doing pretty well.  S is doing a great job at night – feeding often, but going back to sleep usually after each feeding.  M had a fever (from an ear infection) and a really bad cold, so stayed home with us on Wednesday and Thursday.  R is back to school and has worked through dinner every night this week and through M’s bedtime a few nights too.  It’s been a challenge juggling feeding S and bathing and putting M to bed, and that’s with my dad here to help out.  Next week we’re on our own.  With M’s sickness and the new baby, we’ve definitely been seeing some regression in terms of behavior, but we’re all trying to be patient.  She’s been clingy and needy and just plain (literally) snotty. We’re going through quite an adjustment period over here.  I held myself a little pity party as the dealership called to say R’s bad battery was also thousands of dollars worth of car repair work, just about the exact amount of my 6 weeks of short term disability pay.  We’ll be fine, but it was just such a kick in the teeth to have it be so close to the amount of the check I’d just celebrated receiving.  But that fixed itself, as the dealership called to say there would actually be $500 more of work needed.  What can you do! Ugh. So, I got a good cry and then picked myself up and moved on. We’ll see how I feel when my 2 weeks of maternity pay and one week of vacation pay run out.  Below is a super cute photo from our photoshoot with the girls last week.  This was just a little after photo the photographer took as we were leaving because she liked M’s sweater that R got her on his field trip to Italy last year.  The photos are absolutely beautiful and I really need to sit down and decide which ones I want to buy (she gifted us this one).2-1-13 M

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  1. colleen says:

    Hang in there. You’re doing an awesome job!

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