My Valentines!

M had a PJ party and waffle and strawberry breakfast at school today to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  She brought in valentines with a little bag of goldfish for each of her friends (since I dropped the ball last year!).  Here she is in her favorite two piece PJs. Since she’s new at using the potty, it was very important we sent her in pants instead of the one piece zip up jammies that she also wears a lot.  She loves her cow PJs!

2-14-13 M Valentines DayS was gifted an adorable valentines outfit yesterday, just in time!  She’s three weeks old tomorrow! Since my girls are born almost exactly at the opposite sides of the year, M’s cute heart outfit doesn’t fit.

2-14-13 S Vday 3 weeks old

After a tear filled drop of at school this morning, S and I headed out on our first errand of her life, Target. Guess I was feeling guilty and missing M because I got her a bunch of treats – new shoes, a new stool for the bathroom/kitchen, a puzzle and a little candy, mini V-day cupcakes and a clock for her room. My girl has been asking me to pick her up a lot.  And she asks me no less than 20 times a day why her baby sister is crying. I am running out of answers. I think it’s really important to remember that this is a big transition for her too.  I really hope she feels loved. We read a great big sister book and she knows every word.

And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day – Sending my love to my husband, as we celebrate 17 years of dating (yesterday) and 5 years of marriage (Saturday). We plan to get take out to celebrate on Saturday – I don’t think we’re up for taking two girls out to diner yet.

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