Up for the Challenge?

Last week was a challenging one for me with this little one. After several weeks of being sick, I was just plain tired. R was working all but one night last week.  She’s a typical two year old, independent and moody. She’s been low on sleep herself it seems. I know some things needed to change, but I just wasn’t sure what. I knew very well what wasn’t working – losing my cool. It wasn’t working, I wasn’t enjoying it and M wasn’t enjoying it. So, after some soul searching and lots of advice asking (thanks Mom!), I decided to try an attitude adjustment for myself. I realized I was asking the same thing over and over again of M and I was letting her get away with not doing something or with stalling while doing it because I did not want to deal with the ensuing fit should I take the item away, do it myself, etc.  But I was assured that if I stick to my guns and become more consistent, she’ll start to realize that throwing the fit isn’t going to work with me. So, it took a few days of walking away or not going back into the bedroom, etc and some earlier bedtimes and the situation seems to have diffused itself.  Or at least it feels like it to me, perhaps it’s just my change of attitude that’s making me feel better. Don’t get me wrong, life with a toddler is sometimes frustrating, but I am trying to take more deep breaths and be more patient. I’m trying to keep in mind that the way I act is the behavior that I am modeling for my child. It’s a work in progress for sure and always will be.

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3 Responses to Up for the Challenge?

  1. colleen says:

    Can I borrow your mom? I need some advice too!

  2. ACH says:

    You are so good with her! No matter how she pushes back, you remain calm and patient and loving. She has a great role model in you. xx

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