Whites, Yellows, Ducks and Frogs

Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of neutral colors around here in the coming months. At least I’m not a big fan of pink anyhow!  Yesterday we tried one last time to determine the gender of baby #2 but the baby was in a tricky position yet again. Insurance will not pay for another ultrasound unless there is another issue warranting one. I’m taking it as a sign to loosen up about life, and I really do feel ok with it being a surprise. I’m actually starting to get excited about it being a surprise. I mean, I can’t think of a bigger surprise – except maybe finding out you were pregnant if you weren’t really planning to be. But now we’ll have to agree on two names! I’ll have to go through M’s clothes to see how much of her stuff is gender neutral. The season is completely opposite, so we’ll probably need to get weather appropriate 0-3 month clothes anyway (M was born in the middle of the summer and this one will be middle of winter). Last night M and I celebrated a healthy baby brother or sister by getting baby #2 a nice pack of long sleeve white onesies. I think it’s better that this is happening with our second kid, because now we know that it doesn’t really matter what they are wearing, you’re way to busy making sure they are breathing/eating/sleeping. All of our “stuff” is gender neutral, as we aren’t big fans of pink and we anticipated having a second child. Well, I hope this isn’t a sign that this child will be defiant and difficult, throwing me for a loop it’s whole life!

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2 Responses to Whites, Yellows, Ducks and Frogs

  1. Andrea says:

    I haven’t see a belly pic but I’m voting girl. Belly pic!! Shirt down is fine, no need to expose if you feel funny about it. even better if you have a comparison pic from M.

  2. Andrea says:

    love you! and surprises can be fun. as you know babies are full of them anyway! hahaha!

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