Toddler Bed

M is successfully sleeping in her toddler bed. Last weekend R had a three day weekend and I took Monday off and decided this would be the weekend to make the transition. I thought for sure it would be my most sleep deprived weekend since the infant days and pictured myself taking her back to her room/bed several times during the night. We decided on the cold turkey approach. We moved her crib to the guest room (baby #2’s room) and put the toddler bed in it’s place. We decided not to go to a twin size bed. I think this was partly because I didn’t feel like she absolutely needed to leave the crib, I just wanted to get that transition made well before baby #2.  She wasn’t even remotely interested in climbing out. I think a twin bed would have been too much for her. And we got a great deal on the second hand toddler bed!

We made a big deal about the new big girl bed and really talked it up. Surprisingly enough the whole thing was no big deal. I’m having trouble remembering already, but I think she slept all night all three nights that weekend. The second morning she did wake up on the floor but assured me she had just fallen out and didn’t sleep there all night. One morning this past week I did find her curled up sleeping almost across the room on the floor with no blankets. She’s not really digging being covered up, so we’re putting her in extra warm PJs. We got a hard frost here last night – whatever that means!

We got the rest of her “big girl” room setup this week too. We swapped her changing table with the big bookshelf from the guest room, got her a new chair to replace the glider and a bigger dresser, both of which were moved to the new baby’s room.  It’s pretty tight in the new baby’s room with the queen size bed, but it works for now.  Thank you to Grandma Jane for the perfectly sized quilt for her toddler bed – she loves it!

M hasn’t really seemed to miss the changing table and we’ve taken to changing her on her bed or on the floor.  I wonder when we’ll feel like it’s time to do the intensive potty training weekend? I don’t think we’re there yet. Not that many dry diapers and only the one #2 on the potty, which was a fluke I think. We’ll see. Would LOVE to have that done before Baby #2.

Today R mowed the lawn for *hopefully* the last time this season. But not before he raked the whole yard. While we have many beautiful leaves to peep in the neighborhood, ours seem to be late to turn this year, so there will be much more raking to be done.  He also trimmed back the day lilies along the driveway and I pulled all the plants and stakes out of the three raised bed gardens. M was sad to see those go and wanted to keep watering the garden. I think this is the first year she’ll really start to understand the seasons and get a kick out winter and snow. She’s loving looking at the pretty leaves with us.

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