Counting Video & Granola

This video is a little old.  Now she can count to 20, if you don’t count 13 and 14. But come on, 13 is an unlucky number. That’s totally why she skips it. We discourage her from jumping on the couch and offer the couch cushion on the floor as an alternative. When she first started this she would count to 10, then fall, stiff as a board, flat on her face on the cushion. In this video I was having a hard time getting her to recreate that.

I’m excited that the woman who ran the Whole Food Cooking online seminar that I did earlier this year has posted her granola recipe on her public blog.  I make this about every two weeks and it lasts me two weeks. You just might see it show up in a jar as a Christmas present this year too (did I mention we’re scaling back this year). Her new session starts Monday, 10/1/12.

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1 Response to Counting Video & Granola

  1. Andrea says:

    Just letting you know that I’m reading. Glad I can keep up with whats going on somehow. Kids grow too fast! You need to post a pic of you though, so I can see the baby grow :) Miss you!!

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