I’m on my own each morning, and sometimes it’s tough.  Sometimes it runs smoothly, but sometimes each task is a struggle – lay down on changing table, take off old diaper, put on new diaper, get loaded up with sunscreen, put on clothes, put on shoes, put on socks, do hair. And after all that, here is the face I kept getting this morning.  All the while she says, “Mommy, stop it,” ” No, thank you” or “Mommy, walk away.”

Tonight after dinner we snuck in some last minute family time swinging and picking strawberries. Love M’s shirt – it says “Happiness Grows in My Garden.” We got our three raised beds planted this weekend.  We were happy to see that the strawberries from last year were still around and already producing yummy fruit.


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1 Response to Strawberries

  1. colleen says:

    oh! No way! I was wondering if it was strawberry season yet. We have some and I wasn’t sure if they were ready. How do you know?

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