First Height Measure

M got a beautiful growth chart for Christmas and we’ve just now gotten it hung up and done her first measure (at 19 months). If you like it, check out this illustrator and her other work.  So, at 19 months, she is just over 31 inches tall!

I made the Maple and Tamari Roasted Veggies again and this time served them over quinoa.  My 19-month old loved the quinoa, but wasn’t too interested in the veggies beyond a bite or two of butternut squash.  I was really surprised about the quinoa, but hey, whatever she wants to eat is great!

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1 Response to First Height Measure

  1. colleen says:

    I just measured, Nolan was 1 inch shorter at 12 months. His 2 year measurement will be coming shortly! We’re thinking 36 inches, maybe more. it’s amazing how they grow! I LOVE the chart, so beautiful

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