Maple and Tamari Roasted Rainbow Veggies

Fell off the wagon for a week while I was sick (still recovering from that), but I finally tried another new delicious recipe from Whole Food Kitchen.  This time it was Maple and Tamari Roasted Rainbow Veggies.  While I am not sharing the recipes here because it’s a paid workshop and the recipes are copyrighted, this one isn’t too hard to figure out from the name.  I used brussel sprouts, butternut squash, mushrooms, orange pepper and zucchini. All I know is, this recipe resulted in my buying a huge jug of maple syrup and only using a small amount, so I see some homemade pancakes in our near future!

R is back Sunday night.  We’re looking forward to all going to pick him up.  I think it would be fun for his kids to meet M.  They were asking if his family would be going on the trip to Italy too.  Oh to be a 16 year old and think it’s not a big deal to take a one and half year old overseas on a high school field trip.  I said that if I didn’t have M, I’d pay the chaperone price and head to Italy too, but truth be told I’m kind of glad to not be able to go. I can hardly handle being responsible for one kid, let alone a bunch of them that don’t even belong to me!

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