Mediterranean Pasta Toss

I continue to be amazed by the recipes in Whole Food Kitchen.  This one was super easy, especially because I did most of the prep, including cutting the veggies and cooking the beans, the night before.  I am still working on how long to soak beans and how long to cook them.  This was such an easy weeknight meal and so yummy.  Wish I could share the recipe . . . Miss M loved the white beans (I used navy) and ate them like candy.  I liked the sundried tomatoes and olives, both of which are not my favorite.  I’m glad I tried something that I wasn’t sure I’d like.  This workshop is awesome.  Not only is it making me try new things now, it’s giving me so many fun things to try later.  There is no way with my lack of free time that I could make all these recipes in a week or try all these new things.  Looking forward to baking my own bread and making my own almond milk – but not sure it’s all going to happen in the next 8 weeks!

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