Refreshing My Look, Yeah Right.

Anyone who has known me a while knows that I have had the same hair cut since the 7th grade – long and all one length, no color treatment.  I get a trim about 3 times a year, usually for some sort of special event like someone’s wedding, a trip home to Florida, or a vacation.  And almost always at Super Cuts.  I used to get my eyebrows waxed there too, but then someone spilled some wax in my hair, and I stopped going there and moved down the strip mall to the nail place.  Usually about this time of year,  Connecticut gets wicked hot and I start wanting to “cut it all off!” which of course, I never do.  See, my husband says he loves my hair long.  It’s how it looked when we met, and we all know that’s about all that is the same on my body 13.5 years and a lot of gravity later (yes, I am blaming gravity!).  Anyways, it’s not that he doesn’t allow me to cut my hair, it’s just that I like hearing how much he likes my hair.  So, I am doing what I do probably once a year, I am going in for my big haircut.  The problem is, I am low maintenance.  So, I cannot get a hair cut that requires any styling, because I just simply won’t do it.  (This time of the year I usually come to work with soaking wet hair because it’s too hot even to blow dry it).  So, for me, it’s long layers and a little length off.  I always get nervous, and it feels significant, even though everyone teases me, because it always looks exactly the same as before!  Well, at least it makes me feel refreshed, even if I don’t look any different.  So in honor of my upcoming vacation to Canada (meeting up with Ryan after 6 weeks away!) and Alaska, I am getting a bold new look (yeah right) at a real salon.

Here’s my hair before – which looks darker because it’s kind of wet.  Remember, it’s too hot to blow dry it this time of year!



And after an hour and a half of washing, cutting, adding product, blow drying, cutting some more, and a little flat ironing, here is my “new” hair.   I know, you wouldn’t even recognize me walking down the street, would you?  It doesn’t really look different, but it certainly feels refreshed, which is what I was going for.





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4 Responses to Refreshing My Look, Yeah Right.

  1. Amy says:

    You are so funny! Love the new ‘do. Have fun in Alaska!!

  2. Stefania says:

    You look GREAT! Have a great time!

  3. jenngator222 says:

    How funny that one of the related posts is listed as “Demi Moore’s Twitter Mohawk” Interesting. I believe I will click it!

  4. Marjorie says:

    It looks lovely!

    As a fellow long-hair-all-one-length person (until very recently), I know that what may not look like a HUGE change can actually feel really major!

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