Where Are You From?

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Old Home

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New Home

We’ve just returned from vacation, and I promise to blog about that and post pictures soon. But first I wanted to write for  a minute about  a question that really stumped me on this trip – “Where are you from?”

I’m not sure why it was different this trip, but I found myself answering many different ways. Sometimes I said simply, ” Connecticut.” Sometimes I said, ” Well, we’re from Florida, but we live in Connecticut now.” And once, I even found myself blurting out, “Florida. Wait, No. Connecticut.” – even though we have lived in Connecticut for 7 years!

I really love Connecticut, but for some reason I felt it was important that people know we are from Florida on this trip.  But weird that Florida came out first once (or maybe twice).  Maybe it’s because Ryan was gone for so long before our trip and Connecticut just doesn’t feel as much like home without him.  Maybe it’s because when you’re in such an extreme place as Alaska, it’s just more exciting to tell the natives that you’re from the other extreme – Florida!

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2 Responses to Where Are You From?

  1. andrea says:

    holy crap have you really been in CT for 7 years!?!?! are we really that old?!?! *sigh* i guess so… i still have a problem answering that question about jasey, and he left NY when he was 8! but i usually tell people that he is originally from NY. you are still a native Floridian!

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