Gosh, I have never liked writing “an historic,” it’s even harder and weirder to say out loud.

Tomorrow, something that has never occured in the history of my life will be happening. I hope that this historic day will end with lots of relief from the pain that I’ve been feeling. I think it will bring about a big change in my life. I know you think I am talking about the inauguration of our first African American President, Barack Obama. But geesh, don’t you know this blog is all about me!? Tomorrow I am getting my first (and hopefully only!) root canal. It started with a cavity that I didn’t even know was there. They drilled and filled. This was last year (Dec 30)! It’s been causing me so much pain since then that my dentist has decided I need a root canal. I am not looking foward to it. I can only compare it to what the pest control guy said when he found termites in our house. It’s not the termites that are bad, it’s the cost to get rid of them. So now I find myself hearing that it’s not that a root canal is bad (in fact it’s done to relieve pain), it’s the cost of it. It’s a shame that 20 days into the new year I am going to more than max out my dental plan for the year. Hopefully I won’t have any other cavities this year and this will be the push I need to get me to cut down on the sugar, brush after lunch and floss every single day (not just the three days leading up to my 6 month checkup). I haven’t had a soda since 2008!

At least my appointment is right around inauguration time tomorrow, and they have a TV visible to every chair. I’ll always remember what I was doing when our first African American President was sworn into office.

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  1. Amy says:

    Ouch! I hope it went okay. :)
    By the way, you don’t have to type or say “an historic” – it’s not correct, especially when you say it out loud. The hard “h” sound warrants an “a” before it, not an “an.”

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