I had a pretty great, pretty uneventful weekend. Friday night I met up with Stefania for a yummy pizza and calzone dinner. It was great catching up and I’m so looking forward to her joining Book Club this week. The night didn’t go late – I longed to be on my couch in my pjs. And in fact, I didn’t even stay up long enough to see Ryan when he got home from his gig. I am so glad I am ok with not going out!

On Saturday, I took my car in for a new windshield (I had a small nick from a rock on the highway). While we waited for my car, Ryan and I did some returns leftover from Christmas. We also got a new Dyson DC-17 Animal. This thing is awesome! And it better be, because it was NOT CHEAP. It has a 5-year warranty, so if this one breaks, you better believe I am sending it back! It even comes with a dog grooming attachment.

So yesterday, while Ryan was at rehearsal, I put together our new vacuum and was quite horrified to see how much my old vacuum wasn’t picking up. I think Izzie was horrified too, she chased me around the house the whole time – growling and showing her teeth.

Ryan’s performance last night was canceled for some reason – not really sure why. It was so nice for us to be together on a Saturday night! I think this was the first one in probably 8 weeks or so that neither of us had to work. We took advantage of that and went to the Bidwell for beer, wings and french onion soup. It was wonderful!

Today, I fully planned to go to kick boxing, but woke up to snow instead. I decided to lay low and eventually heard that my movie plans were also canceled. The snow was just beautiful, perfectly light and fluffy. I made homemade Blueberry muffins and read some of Seven Years in Tibet (which is taking me 7 years to read!). Since the house is all clean in preparation for book club this week, I also had the idea that I should give Izzie a bath in the tub while Ryan was at his concert. She’s a good girl, I told myself. I had some trouble getting her in the tub, but once I hoisted her in (all 55lbs) and got her settled I thought everything would be ok. She did not like the water, and as soon as it touched her scrambled to get out. I ended up having to hoist a wet, flailing dog back out so that she wouldn’t scratch up my tub. I managed to get a pretty big scratch down my leg from her. I guess she’s going to have to stink at Book Club and we’ll give her a bath in 5 months when it warms up enough. I waited until she was dry to let her outside, I am not that bad of a mom, but then promptly forgot she was outside for about 1/2 an hour in the snow – oops. Good thing she LOVES the snow. See picture and video below.

Homemade Blueberry Muffins on a cold, snowy day:

Izzie eating snow:

Izzie romping in the snow:

Izzie playing rope (rodeo dog):

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2 Responses to LAZY WEEKEND

  1. Stefania says:

    Love the videos.
    I had a great time at dinner as well. I’m looking forward to book club on Wednesday and will see you then.

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