We had the chance to take Izzie, or one of her brothers or sisters home as a puppy. We really considered it. With a wedding and a 10 day honeymoon coming up, we thought we’d better not. And we couldn’t be sure we were even ready for a dog, let alone a puppy! After seeing them in the basement that day in their pen, I really, really wanted one. But it wasn’t the right time. So all the puppies went out to their new homes, and none of them went to our house. I am not sure what happened after that, but I just wanted to thank you so much for changing your mind. I am not sure why you did, but I am so glad you did. Maybe you had kids that wanted to cuddle with her when she wanted to play. Maybe you lived in a condo and didn’t have the yard to entertain her. Maybe she was just a puppy and it was too much. Maybe she gummed your socks like she does to mine when I leave them on the floor. Maybe she wanted to play with your cat too much. Maybe you didn’t have time. Maybe she was more expensive than you expected. Maybe her bad breath was just too much for you. Whatever it was that changed your mind, it doesn’t matter to me, I am just so glad you did. I hope one day whatever it was that made you want to give her back doesn’t bother you anymore, or you find the perfect dog for you. I hope someday you can enjoy life with a dog as great as Izzie.

And a special note to Izzie’s Dog Mom’s Human Mommy, Daddy & Family,
Thank you so much for holding onto her for us. It took me what feels like months to decide, but you held on to her after she was returned, convinced I would come around. You offered a free dog with a mortgage refinance. I had a lot going on, with planning a wedding 1,000 miles away from my home and then being gone for 2 weeks. You offered a free dog as a wedding present. Even when other people showed interest, you told them you’d have to wait to see what we decided. Thank you so much for bringing Izzie into our lives. She brings us joy everyday. She brings us closer to each other and makes us feel even more like a family. I can only imagine that having a baby is like having a dog, ten-fold (or maybe like having a misbehaving puppy)!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Izzie too! Thank you for having her! She brings joy to our lives too! ~C

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