I had a great 24 hours in NYC! After working 1st job and 2nd job on Friday night, I packed for NYC. Jen & I left about 9:30am on Saturday, and were back home by noon on Sunday – a quick trip! We had brunch ($12 each for brunch and 2 mimosas – or 3 in Jen’s case!) with Sharon & Sarmad. After that, we headed into Manhattan from Queens to do some shopping in SoHo.

We went to see Times Square and the free Charmin bathrooms. This was a riot. Anyone who knows me, knows that this was a highlight of my trip to Times Square. I have to pee a lot and these bathrooms are cleaned after each use! This place was hilarious – there was a Charman Music Video playing on TVs everywhere. There were people who’s job it was to teach you the charmin dance, should you desire to learn it – we did not. There was even an MC of the bathroom area, who had a microphone and would ask people there names and make bathroom/poop jokes. Pretty silly!

We also saw the tree and ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. In about a 10 minute span, we saw two people get engaged on the ice skating rink! We had a great dinner with a few of the rink, did some shopping in the NBC store, and then headed for the line for Saturday Night Live. We met some nice people in the line, and after making friends for a while, headed in to see the show. The host was John Malkovich and the musical guest was T.I. The show was great! After trying to ride the N train to Queens, but finding it was under construction for the night, we found an alternate route and made it back to Sharon’s by about 2:30am. We crashed, and then headed back to CT this morning. I’ve been lounging all day, and it’s been great. Really fun weekend! I love going to cities, I love riding public transportation.

Overnight it snowed. Not much stuck in NYC, but as we got back into CT, it was really pretty. Not much left on the ground at my house, but enough to make my doggy happy.

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  1. Jen says:

    OMG, I had such a great time!! Again Thanks so much for going there with me! And please forward my thanks to Sharon and Sarmad for allowing us to crash there. Must do this more often.

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