I love love love Book Club. I have a renewed interest in it tonight though. It’s been slow the past couple of months, with not great turnout (including myself last month!). But, tonight felt like a reunion. Two people who were on “leave” returned, and vowed to make it when they can. We enjoyed good food, good friends, good wine. We stayed after 9pm. We had a new person, who was wonderful and we are excited about another new person in January. It was wonderful.

I won’t be going to Florida, or seeing my parents at all for the holidays this year. And as Christmas gets closer, that’s starting to feel more real. I am grateful for my friends, who have become my family up here. Thanks to my book club friends, and to all my friends, who do so much for me. It’s nice to know you’re loved for who you are. It’s just a really nice feeling.

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  1. smiley9188 says:

    I second that emotion! Bookclub has become family in such a beautiful way. Thank you Craigslist, for bringing family together.

  2. Stefania says:

    Yeah! So excited about Book Club!!! :)

  3. diezcosasquenonecesitassaber says:

    What a sweet post. :) You are a truly model human being, Jennifer. (Hug). I’m proud to be your co-worker and friend. :-D!

  4. Katie says:

    I’ll get to see my family for the holidays, but this is the first year I won’t be with them on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. I know just how you feel. I’m bummed, but trying to stay positive. Christmas is wherever you are!!

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