The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving this year were quite a whirlwind. First hours were reduced at work, I got a second job at a clothing store, layoffs shook up things at work even more and then Thanksgiving snuck right up on me. I did the grocery shopping ahead of time, but because I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights before Thanksgiving, Ryan and the crew (Gretchen, Graham and Jack) did most of the prep cooking. I stressed a bunch that things wouldn’t be just right. I was upset when the table wasn’t even set up as guests started to arrive at our house. But, eventually, actually more quickly than I had thought, and thanks to a therapy session from Gretchen, I got over it. I was just really happy that Gretchen and Graham could join us from New Hampshire and Jack could come from Georgia!

Gretchen, Graham, Jackie and I (along with Jen V, Jen B, Cathy & Mandy) participated in the 72nd annual Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving morning. It’s a 5 mile course with a one mile hill very close to the beginning. I walked a lot, but survived. I was so exhausted from working 14 hour days leading up to Thanksgiving, that I considered not getting out of bed Thursday morning, but I am so glad I did. I usually walk some of it and end up separated from my friends. I usually meet new people, but this year it was really nice to stay with Gretchen the whole time. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures.

Dinner on Thursday was great. We had 11 people total, which is about half of what we normally had, but this was a good year to scale back. Although, we still made just as much food – I do love leftovers! We ate, we walked the dogs to the park, we ate some more, I went to bed while a few guests were still there. I worked 2 shifts that weekend, Friday and Sunday, but other than that, I did a lot of relaxing and knitting. Oh and shopping. I got 2 new coats, a new hat and some clothes with my 50% discount!

It was a really great time off from work to just relax and not think too hard about life.
But now I am back to the grind. My day job has gone back up to regular hours, but since I made a commitment to my 2nd job, I am going to keep working 15 hours a week through the holiday season. I’ve almost finished the Christmas cards and the fake tree is already up. It’s going to be a busy few weeks. I’ve got a trip to NYC with Jen V planned (SNL!!!) and a weekend in DC with Ryan’s family for Grandmother Virginia’s service at Arlington.

Izzie really enjoyed the new bed that G & G bought for Banjo & Happy.
The dogs were really into watching Ryan cut the Turkey . . .

They wouldn’t leave him alone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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