I left work at 2:30pm on Friday. It felt very liberating! I didn’t feel guilty at all, I just felt great to be taking the time off that I have earned. We headed up to Effingham, NH to visit G&G. We got there just in time for a home cooked lobster and mussel dinner – yum! On Saturday, we hiked in Conway and ate lunch by Echo Lake. We shopped at a cute doggie store. Izzie got a reflective orange vest for walking at night (I tried to convince Ryan I might jog with her at night, and that’s why we had to have it). I could not talk him into the adorable down vests that Happy and Banjo got! We even took a peek at Mud Bowl. We ate yummy thai food for dinner and watched Into the Wild while listening to Tropical Storm Hannah outside. It poured all night Saturday night, but stopped in time for us to go to the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival this morning. I accidentally got my base burn for Florida next week! We had a great weekend hanging with G&G and their brood of animals out in the country and can’t wait to see them all again!

Izzie carries her own water when we hike!

Izzie actually swam!

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