Horrible pun, if that’s what you’d call it. But seriously, my knee is killing me. And it seems the only way I am comfortable sitting is indian style, which is no good for your knees.

Anyhow, the reason my knee hurts: I went running tonight! Yea! I took Izzie for a run/walk tonight and it was really nice. Instead of thinking about how much I hate running, I thought about Izzie, and how cute was running next to me. Nice distraction! I swear the leaves are starting to change colors already, I could smell that fall smell, which is actually leaves rotting. But, I love it!

So thanks to Colleen‘s suggestion, I mapped my route after the fact with to see how far we had gone. We went about 2 miles! Of course, I didn’t run the whole time. But who cares, I was out there, exercising, doing something active besides hiking or biking – yea!!!

I kept telling myself, and Izzie, that I should get up and do this every morning. I wish I knew I wasn’t fooling myself. Maybe I’ll try next week!

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1 Response to MY KNEE’S MY WITNESS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Missy! Awesome job and good for you! Keep up the great work and think of izzie! So cute. Have fun this weekend


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