I am getting this out now, so I don’t have to have it in my vacation blog. It is a blemish on my good-girl reputation, and I am not proud of it. I got kicked out of a Marlin’s baseball game. And in the first inning! It was pouring and there were about 10 people in the crowd, seriously. Ok maybe I am exaggerating a little. But seriously, you could count how many people were in the stands. There is an entire section right above us, with about 5 people in it, literally. So, I am sitting there with my head cold, getting rained on and I am seeing everyone jump the fence to the covered section. It wasn’t a fancy section, no fancy seats, everything the same, except these people aren’t getting rained on. So, Ryan and I (or so I thought) agreed to jump the fence like everyone else. Except only I go, and hence only I get kicked out of the stadium. Seriously, these games have been averaging just over 500 people, and you are going to kick one of those people out for wanting to not get rained on!? Way to ruin the evening, Jenn. I offered to wait in the car, but Ryan left with me and we were back at the B & B at about 9pm. The B & B that I paid $120 for and only booked because we didn’t want to drive back to WPB tired late at night after the game. Fabulous. Anyhow, rest of vacation is going well. Although WPB never feels like a vacation to me, and always comes with baggage. I am just happy to have a week off of work. Picture blog (not many) to come, once I am back in good ol’ CT. I miss my dog.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I always knew there was a bad-girl inside you! Definitely a great story! Looking forward to seeing you at bookclub!


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