. . . And that’s because it’s Labor Day and I had the day off, boo-ya! I had a great weekend. We went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Hartford Stage on Friday, thanks to tickets from Stefania! On Saturday, we were so lucky to attend the much anticipated nuptials of Elaine and Christopher Nash! Congrats to the beautiful couple, who pulled off a beautiful wedding and reception with only a week and a half’s notice (he’s in the Army)! The wedding had a piñata, fireworks and beer pong. On Sunday, we had a lazy day. We ate blueberry waffles with maple syrup that we got as a favor from Chris and Elaine’s wedding. We took a little hike with Izzie up Case Mountain and then had a relaxing afternoon. We rented the movie 21 and then went to Evergreen Walk for people watching and milk shakes. It felt so good to not be getting ready for work on a Sunday evening. Today, we got some stuff done around the house and then played frolf with Molly, Pat, Chris, Jackie and Caleb. We had a yummy dinner at Chili’s and have been lying around on the couch watching football this evening. Other fun things this weekend . . . I started my book club book, Self-Made Man. I am not so sure I am going to like it, but trying to go into it with an open mind. I also baked yummy banana bread, had fun thinking about our trip to New Hampshire next weekend, started to plan out our trip to Florida in 2 weeks, and took up knitting again. I’ve already knitted about 1/5 of a scarf for Ryan that I started more than a year ago! I think I’ll learn to knit a hat next.

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