My original title for this post was “Not Quite Perfect,” but I am trying to be more optimistic.

Some days when I ask my dad how he’s doing, he says “I’m perfect.” And I actually believe him. He’s just that kinda guy that can really tune everyone else out and if he’s happy and content I can see him being/feeling perfect. I can’t even imagine that feeling. That feeling is rare for me. I guess I am a worrier. Who am I kidding, I know I am a worrier. However, today I woke up and decided to have the most perfect day I could possibly have for a Thursday while working a very hectic job and having a 3 hour meeting after 5pm. However silly it might be, I looked myself in the eye in the mirror and I said 2 things:

1. I am going to stop swearing.
2. I am going to stop talking sh*t.

And then I realized I already broke the first thing, and I said the f-word. Oh well, baby steps. I am very open, usually saying exactly what’s crossing my mind. It’s a fault. Today, I decided to really think before saying my thoughts out loud. It worked, and I really felt better about myself and my actions towards others.

After my 3+ hour off-site meeting after work, I got on the highway going the wrong direction, for about 10 miles. My day was still Almost Perfect. I finally made it home about 9am to see my husband, who I haven’t seen since 6am Sunday morning. I think the fact that I am about to have a 3 day weekend really helps my positive attitude!

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