It’s been a pretty good 2 weeks home alone, but I sure am glad the hubby is coming back tomorrow!

Friday night I avoided all other human contact and watched S&TC with my sick doggie. I know, I am so cool. Thanks to Stefania for loaning me seasons 4, 5 and 6 so I can catch up with the rest of the world, and maybe actually rent the movie on DVD some day. I finished up season 4 (I had watched most of it with the girls) and am now half way through season 5. I don’t anticipate finishing the series before Ryan gets home tomorrow night.

Saturday morning, I joined Colleen on her self-guided tour of Glastonbury farms in search of the perfect, yet affordable, organic, local egg. On the way we found crazy ladies, turkeys, chickens, berries, doughnuts and a black cat. Jasper was sad I didn’t bring home any barn kittens. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t see any actual barn kittens. Sharon told me they are everywhere out in the “country.” Anyhow, we got some info about possibly doing a CSA next year, which would be great! Colleen even got to stand on a tractor!

After a nice walk with Colleen & Izzie, I took a fabulous Saturday afternoon nap to get ready to celebrate Janet’s quarter century birthday. The party was lots of fun! Although the beer pong table wasn’t quit regulation, that didn’t stop anyone from playing! My favorite saying of the evening was from Steve, “I’m sweating like Mike Tyson in a spelling bee.” Or maybe it was OJ Simspon, I can’t remember which. It was funny none the less. Going from the hot tub to the pool back to the hot tub took me back to Florida. And I slept great last night with the windows open and wet chlorine smelling hair. I used to love to hop in the pool to cool off just before going to bed. Some pics from the party . . .

Happy Birthday Janet!

This weekend was great. I had a rough week this week dealing with (and worrying about) Izzie being so sick. I think for the most part she’s on the up and up. She isn’t throwing up anymore, and she’s back to sleeping in her kennel instead of on the bed. She’s still coughing and hacking like crazy. Hopefully it will only be a few more days of that. I really want her to be able to play with other dogs again soon, and I need to make sure she’s 100% before she does play with other dogs, so we can be sure she’s not passing it along to her doggie friends.

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