Ryan always seems to call at the most inopportune times. Today it was while I was loading a LARGE bag of soil into my trunk at Home Depot. I talked to him on the drive back home, and let him hear Izzie’s cough. He was pretty worried and upset, and that made me sad, even though it was really sweet of him to worry about us. 7 days and counting!

Kinda of a weird day, that started with all that doggie coughing. Then, when I got to work, I found out we’d been robbed this weekend. We don’t think they even came over to my side of the office, but they did steal a laptop and mess up a few desks. Very weird. I was very happy that the landlord changed all the locks today. Don’t think I’ll be working late alone anymore (not that I did much anyways!)

I’m missing reading my normal blogs. Stop being too busy to document your lives people, and get blogging. This means you – Amy, Luke and Sarmad!

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