I had another great weekend! Friday night I went out to dinner with Jen, Ryan, Jen and Kim. We went out to celebrate Jen’s 29th birthday!

Happy Birthday Jen!!!

On Saturday, I did some housework, grocery shopping, etc. Fun stuff. However, I did make it to Ben’s house for dinner with Ben, Molly & Pat and then over to Stefania‘s 3rd annual extravaganza where I enjoyed good company, good food and fireworks from her beautiful deck.
I would have taken pictures, but my camera battery died!

On Sunday, Colleen and I went to visit Beverly and Chris at their lake house on Pachaug Pond. Izzie had a hard time relaxing on the leash on the shore. She didn’t trust me and thought I was going to pull her in (ok maybe I tried once or twice). But she was a natural on the boat. On the way out, she sat up front and enjoyed the wind. When we put out the anchor in the middle and went for a dip, she really wanted to come in too, but couldn’t work up the nerve. She goes in the water, but only goes as far out as she can stand. She took a nice snooze on the way back to shore. Thanks to Beverly and Chris, and Chris’ parents for the hospitality!

Now to the title of the post. My little baby dog is sick. I didn’t even know dogs got sick, except for eating too much grass. She’s been going to doggie day care for the last week, since Ryan’s been gone. Last week, there was a notice up on the door to alert us that a dog had come in with a cold, and if our dog had symptoms to keep them home. Well last night Izzie came down with what I think is Kennel Cough. At this point, the vet says they don’t need to see her, but no doggie play dates for 1-2 weeks! I won’t be able to bring her to Jenna’s on Wednesday, bummer! I felt so bad for her last night, I let her sleep in bed with me (don’t tell Ryan)!

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