Yesterday was a pretty good day. I had my annual review at work, which was very positive and motivating. Book Club at Colleen’s was great. I got to see her new kitchen – which looks fabulous, and catch up with those I hadn’t seen in about a month. I got some quality Luke-holding time in and I got to take home some beautiful hydranga blooms from Colleen’s garden.

Also this week, Gretchen called and we spent about an hour on the phone catching up. We made plans for us to go up to New Hampshire to see them for Labor Day weekend (they’re moving up the weekend prior). I’m looking forward to some hiking, and introducing our dogs and watching them play together.

Last night, I got pretty much all of our wedding pictures sorted into piles in anticipation of choosing pictures for an album. Now I just need to sort through the piles and make smaller piles.

Check out the picture below of baby’s first bookclub!

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