Well, it’s been one week since I started weight watchers. Some days were better than others, and some days were easier than others. I still went out to lunch with the girls for Jenna’s baby shower this weekend, I still had half a peice of chocolate mousse cake for my boss’s birthday. I controlled myself at not one but two music recitals this weekend – and you should see those spreads. I worked my butt off at the gym today – Group Power, Abs & Turbo Sculpt, oh and 3 sets of pullups after that – thanks Mandy! So I think I might just spend my remaining 4 points (which are before I swap my activity points – thank you very much) on a fabulous cosmopolitan made by my ameteur bartender husband.

I’m including a new picture of Izzie (with her big sis Jasper). I was trying for an action shot of Jasper hitting Izzie but couldn’t get the camera to snap fast enough. And there’s another one of Ryan trying to open her mouth so I could take a picture of her lack of teeth – didn’t quite work out the way we planned.

Also including a few pictures from Jenna’s baby shower. It was great to spend the afternoon with the book club girls. We ate lunch at Argula in West Hartford – so yummy! Then we headed over to paint pottery. Of course, I painted a canister for dog treats. Jenna painted an adorable monkey-bank (like a piggy bank, but a monkey – in case you need clarification).

Oh sorry, and the big news that I forgot to write above is that I lost 4 lbs this week – my first week doing weight watchers! I know I could’ve just added that above, but wanted there to be some reward for reading until the end.

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  1. Amy says:

    Good for you, weight watchers lady! I couldn’t believe your post about going to the meeting and getting the bitchy treatment from the people working there. Tsk, tsk. Keep up the good work! Cute photo of the book club girls. :)

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