Ryan reminded me this morning that the Kentucky Derby is this weekend, which means it’s also Sunfest weekend in West Palm. Not sure when I started going to Sunfest. It might have been when we worked the food tents for Band in 10th grade. I’ve got a lot of great memories of Sunfest: Fritz & the seawall, watching fireworks on the grassy knoll, Alex & Julie making friends with P-Funk, Ani Difranco scared of the Florida storms & wind, finally being old enough to walk onto Captain Morgan’s floating oasis. Ryan and I spent a lot of fun days and nights at Sunfest, we spent a lot of time there with our great friends. We haven’t been in at least 6 years. We keep saying we’ll try to go back some year, but haven’t made it yet. I guess it’s like Gainesville, even if we did go back – it wouldn’t be the same as it was when we were there. I wouldn’t know everyone, although I am sure at Sunfest I’d run into a lot of people from High School. And it just wouldn’t be the same without Dave and his entire family there.

Thanks for the good times Sunfest, I promise I’ll come back to you someday.

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