So, I went to the gym after work today, first time in a while, besides a yoga class the other night. Then, I went to a weight watchers meeting near the gym. Or at least I attempted to go. The women were so excited when they saw new blood, but when I told them I signed up for the online program, they became very cold. I think they must work on commission. They said you can’t do both the online and meeting versions of weight watchers, unless you sign up in person and do the meetings first then online to supplement that. Bullshit, I say. But I didn’t say. I just said the website & tv ad invited me to sit in on a free meeting, and that is what I would like to do. Fine they say, reluctantly. So I get a nametag, with GUEST written across it under my name. I ask, can I weigh in? NO, only members can be weighed. Bullsh*t again, but I don’t say it. I go to sit down at the meeting. I’m early, because I thought I’d be getting weighed in, so I read for a few mins (Flux). I am boiling inside. I got up and left. I wanted to give them a peice of my mind and tell them how rude they were and how bad they made me feel, I wanted to yell at all the women coming in the door, that they didn’t have to take it, but I didn’t, I held it in – because when I’m mad, it never comes out as eloquently as I’d like it to. Anyhow, I’ll stick with the online, and Janet, my personal weight watchers coach at work.

We got the refinancing all wrapped up today. Wahoo, no mortgage payment for May, even though we’ve really already paid it through the closing. Still, one less bill next month.

Tomorrow’s Friday, that’s always fun. I dig company lunches. I am going to use up all my extra weekly points to eat Black Eyed Sally’s tomorrow, and I going to love it!

Even better is the fact that if tomorrow’s Friday, that means today is Thursday, and the day I have been waiting for for weeks! LOST returns tonight, at it’s new, later, time – 10pm! Way past my bedtime! Ryan’s home late tonight from a rehearsal, so we might actually stay up late and watch it. And is there a new Office on tonight???
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1 Response to I HELD IT IN

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t beleive the people at ww would be SO rude! You should call to complain. That’s awful! What if you wanted to, instead of online, go to meetings?!? oh my gosh, please don’t let that deter you from success. How terrible!

    Love the BLOG!


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