Random Thoughts/Concerns for a lazy Wednesday evening at home:

1. I am such a grown up. We’ll be spending our lunch break tomorrow refinancing our house, which, when you think about it, is really just taking money from one bank to pay off another. But we’re eliminating a loan that is about to become adjustable, we’re consolidating into one loan, instead of two, and we’re lowering our monthly payment. I sound like a commercial for refinancing.

2. We had a great (almost) company wide meeting at work today. It went well, and I am excited about where we’re going. I still need to be more positive at work and all around – and clean up my f’ing language!

3. I started Weight Watchers yesterday. I really bullshitted it yesterday. Ate like 40+ points when I am only allowed to have 22 or something. Today I took it a little more seriously – was really hungry most of the day, even with the morning meeting to keep me away from my desk (snacking area). It’s really hard. “OMG – did you know fudgsicles are 0 points?!” is apparently where my conversations are headed, which I guess is better than talking about how many times a day my new dog poops (it’s twice if you were curious!).
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