We went up to New Hampshire friday night to meet up with my aunt Beth (up from Florida) and my cousin Amy (who lives in Boston now). We got to spend some quality time with my Aunt Ginny, Uncle Rick, Cousin Dan and his wife Jess. Dan & Jess also just had a brand new baby named Evelyn Artemis Ellis-Haines! We were lucky enough to be able to spend almost the entire day Saturday with everyone. The baby is just perfect & beautiful and her parents are glowing with joy!

Izzie really enjoyed her trip out to the country too. Once we established that we could trust her (I was nervous she’d run away forever!), we let Izzie off of the leash in Rick & Ginny’s front yard. Well, you can’t really call it a front yard, it’s more like a field with a lake, several other connecting fields and a lot of shallow water from the overflowing river at the edge of their property. Izzie frolicked in the fields and finally figured out she was allowed to play in the water. She romped around in the shallow water, but wasn’t too sure about the deep lake. At one point, my cousin Dan emptied his pockets, picked her up and dropped her into the lake. She swam quickly to the shore and immediately stole his wallet in her mouth and tore off to the end of the yard, shaking her head and spreading the contents of his wallet all over the field in the process. We finally caught her and couldn’t scold her too much – she was just getting him back from throwing her into the lake!

It was a great trip to New Hampshire! We got to spend time with family, catch up with many of Rick & Ginny’s friends who stopped by to visit the new baby. The food was plentiful and delicious, as it always is on our visits to New Hampshire. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The company was great. We even saw a beautiful moon on our drive home. These are the days that I wish could go on forever and ever. These are the days that I miss living closer to family and many of our close friends who are far away.

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