Happy 7th Birthday Miss M.

2017-07-27 M Bday Cake

My big girl turned seven this summer! She’s now lost 6 teeth: 2 on the top and 4 on the bottom. She’s learning how to ride her bike faster and faster, but we’ll probably wait until next summer to take the training wheels off. I just started reading Harry Potter to her every night at bedtime and she and I are really enjoyed this special thing that’s just for us. This year she started at a new public Montessori school in the youngest grade in her 3-year class and she did great! She loves math and has a wonderful sense of humor. She learned how to roll her eyes this year – let me tell you how awesome that is :::eye roll::  Her birthday fish, Goldie, from last year had a brush with death earlier this month, but he seems to have prevailed. This year she enjoyed her first roller coaster (at StoryLand) and her first canoe ride (Union Pond). She had her birthday party at Jump On In. She got to go to camp with three of her best friends from her old school. She keeps us on our toes, often begging to watch more My Little Pony and teasing her sister, but she is often the only one who can truly comfort her sister when she’s upset. They can play together for hours making up stories and homes for their My Little Ponies. She’s loving drawing and often wants to complete youtube tutorials on how to draw certain characters. She loves picking and eating tomatoes from our garden, but can often sustain herself on one bite of dinner alone. She never passes up dessert. She loves me more than the biggest piece of chocolate cake and I love her to the moon and the stars and all the planets and back. She is stubborn just like me and will always challenge me to be the best me I can be. She made me a mommy and I am forever grateful to be hers.

2017-06-25 M Acadia 2

7 Year Old Stats:

Height: 47″ (40th percentile)
Weight: 46 lbs (40th percentil)


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