2016 Book List

1. The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick
2. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot (Cathy’s Book Club)
3. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
4. Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard by Liz Murray (My Book Club)
5. Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagán
6. After You by JoJo Moyes

(Not much reading this year – more in 2017, I hope!)

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Blog Catch Up::Eye Muscle Surgery

*Back posting for December, as I realize I never blogged about this!

Starting in March 2016 we saw one episode of S’s eyes crossing uncontrollably. Then six weeks later it happened again. Her doctor quickly ruled out anything neurological and we were sent to a pediatric eye doctor. After several follow up appointments the crossing was increasing frequency to several times a day. We started with glasses, then bifocals and then in December she had eye muscle surgery. She was an absolute champ and recovery was not bad at all. She wouldn’t open her eyes the first day but but the second day she was doing a lot better. She hated the ointment we had to put in them, but overall she did really well. This experience was WAY BETTER than M getting her tonsils and adenoids out. Surgery was on a Thursday. She was out of school only Friday and was back by Monday. She had a follow up appointment on Monday and then another at six weeks post-op. Her eyes were red on the inside of the white part only (closest to nose) and only for less than 10 days. All in all not too terrible!

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We continued our family tradition of going to our local park to see Santa. S asked for a scooter and M asked for a sleeping bag.


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Road Races

Our town has a BIG turkey day race and a smaller kids only race the weekend before. The kids can run up to 2 miles. M actually did it – she ran 2 miles and I think she loved it! Both races have become wonderful traditions for us lately. R’s mom even came to visit and help us cheer him on this Thanksgiving. The kids and I handed out hot chocolate at our church’s tent. It was a great time!

11-19-16-lmrr-1 11-24-16-mrr



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Growing Up Fast

We hit up a local hiking spot to take some holiday photos for a good friend and I snapped this great photo of M. She’s growing up fast.


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Halloween 2016 :: Ghosts


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A Love For Live Music

Our girls seem to have our love for live music. Here they are meeting the Okee Dokee Brothers.


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Could these two be any cuter together?



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S First Day PK3 Public School


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Blog Catch Up :: Summer Pics

Disclaimer: I am WAY behind on blogging. I’m posting this in January 2017, but I am backdating it for Summer 2017. You can read details about this summer here. Here are some pics to go along with our adventures.

5-29-16-s-play-ball 5-29-16-m-cape-cod 7-4-16-s 7-4-16-m-2 07-02-16-evelyn-and-girls-in-tree 7-3-16-ford-family-hammock 7-8-16-papa-john-lions 8-15-16-dad-and-girls-portland-light 07-03-16-family-hike-2 7-11-16-ford-family 7-11-16-white-house-gate 8-27-16-m-photographer 08-08-16-case-mountain-jane 08-14-16-ryan-and-s-crescent-beach-hike 8-27-16-simone-tickles

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