No Pine Nut Pesto

Wrote a whole post and lost it. Hate that! Therefore this one will be short. Had tons of basil last year, didn’t realize you could freeze pesto, found a great pesto recipe, possibly… Continue reading

Birthday Party Success

R is out of town for M’s real birthday, so we celebrated early this weekend. On Friday night, R put together her new big girl bike! We set it out by the fireplace… Continue reading

Dad’s Home!

R has been in Canada (Vancouver area) for the past 19 days, but hey, who’s counting? We’re so glad to have him back home. Check out these adorable outfits he got for the… Continue reading


S is just about 17 and a half months old. I keep saying that she’s less verbal than M was at this age, but when I look back at a similar post, I… Continue reading

First Pigtails

S had her first pigtails this past weekend!     Looks like Miss M had her first pigtails right around the same age!

New Hampshire Fourth of July

We traveled to New Hampshire for the fourth of July again this year. It’s a lovely tradition that includes a children’s parade, small town parade and as always lots of food, family and… Continue reading

New To Us

This week over at, I’m finally giving credit where credit is due – to my dad and husband for picking up some real gems off the curb for the kiddos! Hope you… Continue reading

Through the Eyes of Children

M is getting older and I’m no longer able to rationalize my bad behavior by saying she won’t remember this. Anything I say or do or any poo-poo face I make could stick… Continue reading

Making Memories

We’re having a great time so far this summer! I am working longer hours, but somehow it feels more relaxed as I am starting to work from home one day a week. R… Continue reading

Summer Solstice

What a perfect summer solstice. Only thing missing was Daddy. He was gone today but he’ll back tomorrow for more summer fun. It’s been a great one so far, even if it’s only… Continue reading