5 Year Stats + Height Prediction

The five year checkup was pretty uneventful for M. No shots, no finger prick. She got to pee in a cup and that was about it. No concerns or questions from us.

At 5 years old, M weighs 35 lbs (25th percentile) and is 41.5 inches tall (also 25th percentile). They estimate based on how she’s been growing that she’ll be 5’2″ tall. I just cannot believe that. They also had another formula: Dad’s height (6′) minus 5″ = 5’7″ and then averaged with the mom’s height (5’10”). In her case, this would equal 5’8.5″

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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5th Birthday in NYC

Somehow I came up with the idea that I would take M alone to NYC for her fifth birthday. We rode the train in, went to the Central Park Zoo, had Dippin’ Dots for lunch, went to the Top of the Rock, got ice cream, checked into our Times Square Hotel, ordered room service and ate dinner in bed, had milk and cookies, watched TV, had a great night of sleep, ate cookies for breakfast, went to the Disney Store (got an Elsa dress) and took the train home. It was a whirlwind trip, but a lot of fun!

07-26-15 M NYCTrain  07-26-15 M NYC Dots

07-26-15 M NYC CPZ 4D  07-26-15 M NYC CPZ Goats

07-26-15 M NYC Cookies in Bed  07-27-15 M NYC Elsa Dress


She was a champ int he big city, especially considering how tired she probably was from having her birthday party the day before!

07-25-15 M and S bday party 07-25-15 M Arseny Flowers 07-25-15 M Bday Party Sign

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Summer Catchup!

We’ve done a ton of great stuff this summer! Even though it feels like summer is winding down, we still have a vacation (road trip!) planned.

We met up with R’s family in Boston for a quick weekend getaway. We went on the swan boats and went to a Red Sox game on the Fourth of July – can’t get much more American than that.

07-03-15 Swan Boat Ride 1 07-04-15 J and M 07-04-15 R and S

Then the next weekend R and I took off for two nights of yurt camping without the kiddos and a day visit to Kripalu. We met up with my parents and the girls on Sunday for a BSO concert at Tanglewood. S loved dancing!

07-11-15 Kripalu 2 07-12-15 Tanglewood

The next weekend we were just dying to be home with no plans so of course we went to Circus Smirkus.

07-19-15 Circus Smirkus J and S 07-19-15 Circus Smirkus R and S

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28 :: July

Life gets away from me and I find maintaining the blog is something I neglect. I hope one day to have it as a kind of journal of our family, along with our printed photos (do others still do that?), yearly photo books for the girls and digital photos. I finally found a better way to keep up with the digital photos and to back them up. We had a hard drive crash recently and I lost a few photos. I was able to recreate the on site backup, but I found myself realizing I needed to get into the cloud. So I’m using Amazon’s cloud option because it has unlimited photo storage for prime members. I’m planning to do a few posts – M’s bday, Kripalu, Tanglewood, Circus Smirkus and other summer catchup posts. In the meantime, enjoy this video of S singing the theme song to Peg + Cat.

We’re also enjoying a summer without having to constantly push M on the swing, as she can get her self started and keeping swinging by herself. However, S now wants to swing sitting up (instead of on her tummy) and wants to be pushed. Maybe next year we can just sit back and relax – ha!

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Studio Violin Recital #2 (M)

This is M’s second studio violin recital where she played alone with a piano. She was such a champ – not nervous at all. I am so proud of her. She loves playing and works very hard to practice with her dad. So happy this is working out!

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Violin Recital (End of Year 1)

M had a great violin recital on Mother’s Day! It’s been amazing to see how far she’s come in the last eight months since she started playing on a cardboard box. She seems to really enjoy it and it’s a great bonding experience for her and R.

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My dad snapped a few great photos of the gals playing violin. Ignore the fact that S’s is a Christmas Tree ornament.

4-12-15 M and S violin (1) 4-12-15 M and S violin (2)

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