The Director of Operations Takes a Staycation

Today I’m over at talking about my four night staycation – I only had to care for one kid AND I had help (and a kidney stone!). And if you haven’t seen… Continue reading

School Updates

It was an adjustment going from daycare to Montessori school for me as well. I no longer get daily updates on what they did or if M slept at nap time or not.… Continue reading

One Thing – An Update

So, this never really happened. My friends gave great suggestions and maybe my asking them prompted them to add one thing to their lives that they had been wanting to do daily. I… Continue reading

Valentine’s Hearts

It’s past the middle of March, so it’s time to finally take down our Valentine’s hearts on the girls’ doors. M has started moving them around – giving them to us by putting… Continue reading

S Walks!

She’s been taking a step or two since her first birthday or so. She’ll walk several steps from one person to another when you ask her to. Finally last night she decided she’d… Continue reading

Video Dump

Now that my phone takes decent videos, I’ve been taking quite a few more! Here’s a video dump of the most recent ones I’ve taken over the past few weeks. Here are the… Continue reading

#Moms4Moms Day

Happy #Moms4moms Day! If you’re not sure what this, read about it here. It’s a day to celebrate a campaign for judgment free motherhood. We’re asking everyone to think about Loving More and… Continue reading

It’s Not a Problem Unless . . .

Want to know when it IS a problem? Head on over to to see what I’m writing about today in preparation for Moms for Moms Day tomorrow. Thanks for all of your… Continue reading

Judgment Free Parenting

Today over at I’m talking about Judgment Free Parenting. I hope you’ll join me. Want to help us spread the message? We hope you’ll consider snapping a photo or blogging about judgment-free… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Jasper

A week ago we said goodbye to our 15-year-old black cat Jasper. A lot has changed since I first adopted her, but she was still my first baby girl and it was really… Continue reading