Welcome to the Table

S has been climbing into M’s seat a lot lately (a booster). We decided a few weeks ago to move S from her high chair to another booster. Now we’ve decided to take the tray off of the booster seat and pull her up to the table. It’s amazing to see how a little over a week of school has affected her already. She’s almost saying M’s name correctly. M’s classroom and S’s classroom share a fence in their “backyards.” M’s teacher said S was yelling M’s name at the fence last week. They’ve been sitting together snuggling a bit on the couch at home (more S than M) and S is just following M around everywhere. M is starting to realize that if she asks nicely (instead of yelling), S usually will do what she wants her to do. These kids are growing fast! And it’s turned to Fall weather all of a sudden here, which makes time feel like it’s going by even faster. Everyone’s asking when my parents will go back to Florida, and I realize it’s not that long until they do. Halloween will be here soon. I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving and what we’ll bring to New Hampshire. Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve even wrapped my first gift. In my defense, I’m sending them home with my parents, so that’s my motivation.



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Big Girl Bike

We went through three bikes before finally coughing up some decent money for this one. The two we got at our big box store just were of terrible quality, so we hit up the local sporting good store. She’s getting the hang of it, although we haven’t gotten her out on it much.


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Office Artwork

My employer is renovating our building, so my co-workers and I have been moved to a temporary space. It’s much less homey than our last location, but a little kids’ artwork spruces it right up. Loving looking at this stuff throughout the day.


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First Artwork

On her very first day, S loved eating snack and painting. Here’s what she made for us.


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School Days

Both kids are finally at the same school and are both now going for full days (until 3pm). I am hoping that having them at the same place allows M to assume more of a “big sister” role. So far so good.

photo 2-2 photo 1-2

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Grandpa’s Buddy

I think someone is going to miss having this little one around all day.

8-9-14 Ron and S

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First Day – Year Two of Preschool

M had her first day of her second year of Montessori Preschool (Primary). It was no big deal because she has the same teachers and classroom as last year. Lucky for us the classroom dog was there on the first day.
8-28-14 M first day preschool year 2 (1)

8-28-14 M first day preschool year 2 (2)

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