My cousin had a baby back in November and we’ve finally gotten all three girls together! Isn’t Miss Olivia adorable – she has the most beautiful eyes!

A Girl and Her Dog

Lately I’ve been noticing S going over to Izzie, sitting down next to her and leaning up against her. It could be one of the most adorable things ever.

Big Girl Bed

When M was about 2 years old, we moved her out of the crib and into the toddler bed. She wasn’t climbing out of the crib or anything, but we knew we’d be… Continue reading

Great Grandparents

This picture was posted to Facebook by one of my mom’s cousins. It’s my mom’s mom’s parents. According to my mom’s cousin, the photo was taken August 9, 1914 of Freda Jane Roadruck and Alonzo… Continue reading

4 Years Old

There’s a post coming about what we did on M’s actual birthday, but I wanted to get her four year stats posted ASAP. Here she is in an adorable dress from Uncle Michael… Continue reading

Tough Love at Swim Lessons

On Wednesday we started private swim lessons for M. She has a male teacher and he was just not letting her get away from not putting her head under the water. He started… Continue reading

Sisterly Love

While I hear a lot of: “Throw her in the garbage” “She has to go live at another house” “Put her in time out” “I hate her” “BAD” S!” I also am hearing… Continue reading

18 Months Old

S is 18 months old already! I know I say it every time, as does every other parent, but time really flies by! It seems like both yesterday and years and years ago… Continue reading

No Pine Nut Pesto

Wrote a whole post and lost it. Hate that! Therefore this one will be short. Had tons of basil last year, didn’t realize you could freeze pesto, found a great pesto recipe, possibly… Continue reading