My dad snapped a few great photos of the gals playing violin. Ignore the fact that S’s is a Christmas Tree ornament.

4-12-15 M and S violin (1) 4-12-15 M and S violin (2)

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Spring Break 2015: Jacksonville

We had a great trip to Florida for Spring Break. We met up with Papa John in Jacksonville, walked on the beach, went to a Blues festival, visited the zoo, had dinner with Cousin Amy (and got the good seat at Mellow Mushroom), didn’t sleep at all one night, hung out with cousins and their kids, aunts and an uncle and swam everyday. We even got to attend the birthday party of my college roommate’s oldest son! It was a great little getaway and we are thoroughly exhausted from it :)

4-16-15 M Jax Fl 4-16-15 Mellow Mushroom Jax Beach 4-17-15 Jax zoo 4-17-15 S feeds giraffe 4-17-15 M feeds Giraffe 4-17-15 sisters 4-18-15 Sharon 4-18-15 M tickets 4-18-15 Cake Marcus bday

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Big Girl Bed

I felt ambitious this weekend while R was sick and I moved the toddler bed into S’s room and dismantled the crib. M also had a sleepover in S’s room for both weekend nights. It was an exciting weekend and the sleeping changes were pretty successful. Can’t believe we don’t have a crib at our house anymore – first time in 5 years.

3-14-15 S Toddler Bed

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Ice Skating

My friend Jen and I took M ice skating for the first time!

2-15-15 m Jen ice skating

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Really. Sick. Of. Snow. Want. To. Go. Outside.


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Valentine’s Hearts: Year Two

The Valentine’s hearts were such a success last year, I decided to do them again this year. Here’s the info on what to do.

This year, the girls’ hearts said . . .


  • We love looking at the moon with 3
  • We love watching you write your name.
  • We love hearing you play the violin.
  • We love you knock knock jokes.
  • We love your kisses.
  • We love your hugs.
  • We love seeing how much you love your sister.
  • We love your laugh.
  • We love your dimples.
  • We love the castles you build.
  • We love how well you take care of Izzie.
  • We love how hard you concentrate at your art.
  • We love YOU!


  • We love you might you love your babies.
  • We love you how are not afraid to tell us how you 2
  • We love your smile.
  • We love hearing you sing.
  • We love to snuggle you.
  • We love seeing you trace letters.
  • We love your hugs.
  • We love your giggles.
  • We love you love to do art.
  • We love hearing you say new words.
  • We love how much you love babies.
  • We love watching you play.
  • We love your kisses.
  • We love seeing how much you love your big sister.
  • We love YOU!

Something super adorable happened this year. M decided that R and I should have hearts on our door too. So every night, she’d get the materials all ready. She’d tell me what she wanted the heart to say and I’d write it on a post it so she could copy it onto a heart in the  morning. She kept this up for 6 days and then lost interest, but it was really neat to see her get involved and want to make us feel special too.

Her hearts for us were really for her dad, but this is what they said:

  • I love when you sing me songs.
  • I love you.
  • I love wrestling you.
  • I love spending time with you.
  • I love you even when you’re not home.
  • I love hearing you play the 1
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Happy Second Birthday Miss S!

S is two years old! My baby, my littlest baby, is two years old. Impossible. She’s loving life at her Montessori School. She just loves helping and doing things herself – “I DO IT!” When she needs something she says, “Need that, my wa-wa” or “Need that, my mommy.” She’s very into babies, both real and plastic. She’s enjoying building castles out of blocks (the ones from when I was a kid!) with her sister and dad. She loves her dog and say “stop it.” She can go half a day or longer in underwear and won’t have an accident if you remember to take her to sit on the potty every half hour or so. She still nurses once a day, at bedtime, but does fine going to bed without nursing if someone else puts her to bed. She is very cuddly but also very independent. She doesn’t allow me to get her dressed anymore or even to pick out her clothes. She still needs our help though, of course. She loves her sister and loves to torment her sister by taking something she’s working with and running away as fast as she can. She’s still a good eater, but her appetite seems to be slowing down a bit. She’s not a lover of sweets like her sister and I are. She loves talking to her “e-ma” on the phone. She’s very into legos (duplos). She counts a bunch, from listening to her sister and from playing hide and seek. She can often be found singing The Wheels on the Bus or Where is Thumbkin and will sing along most of the words to Lullabye Broadway. She goes to sleep between 7 and 8pm with no problems. She wakes up between 5am-6:30 am by calling for mom and crying. I’m tempted to move her to a toddler bed, turn her carseat around and stop nursing her, but I think I am going to hold onto this baby just a little bit longer.

Here she is opening some of her birthday presents: her very own yoga mat, a blanket for her baby dolls and a bathrobe.

photo-50 photo-49 photo 1-7 photo 1

And finally, her two year stats:
Weight: 24 lbs (20th percentile)
Height: 35 inches (75th percentile)

Here’s a link to M at the same age, and M’s stats at two years old.

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