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This is happening.

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Come On Izzie

Now that M talks, she talks a lot to Izzie.  She says “Come on Izzie” when she wants her to go somewhere.  Other phrases are “Margeaux chase Izzie,” “Izzie outside poop” and “No stop it Izzie” when the dog is … Continue reading

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Every night after bedtime, I just want to sit down.  But I’m not the type to sit and then get up and get things done.  I get things done and then sit. With two of us working on the chores, … Continue reading

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Mothers’ Day

We had a very low key and wonderful Mothers’ Day.  We went out to breakfast at one of our favorite diners, took a nap and went for a nice walk to play a little soccer in the park.  R and … Continue reading

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The kiddo is in bed, the dishes are done, the lunches are packed.  I am spent.  I’ll confess I’m gnawing on a frozen leftover Halloween Snickers bar that I just found at the bottom of the freezer. It’s been a heck of a day, … Continue reading

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This Too Shall Pass

“I am convinced that staying relaxed and compassionate with myself, in the face of a mountain of vegetables or a mountain of worry over my son’s picky eating, is among the very best things I can do for my family.” … Continue reading

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Motherhood, Ambition, Passion and Purpose

Somehow I clicked through someone’s blog somewhere and found out about the M.A.P.P. Gathering, a collection of intimate conversations with a handful of mothers who have followed their passion and are making a beautiful difference in the world.  M. A. P. P. stands … Continue reading

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